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Nucor Grating in the US is now under the Vulcraft brand.

Nucor Grating in Canada remains the same.


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Grating Terms

Term Definition
Anchor A device by which grating is attached to its supports.
Banding A flat welded to a side or end of a grating panel, or along the line of a cutout, and extending neither above nor below the bearing bars.
Bearing Bars Load-carrying members extending in the direction of the grating span.
Bearing Bar Centers The distance center to center of the bearing bars.
Clear Opening The distance between faces of bearing bars.
Cross Bars The connecting bars which extend across the bearing bars, perpendicular to them. Where they intersect the bearing bars, they are welded, forged or mechanically locked to them.
Cross Bar Centers The distance center to center of the cross bars.
Curved Cut A cutout following a curved pattern.
Cutout An area of grating removed to clear an obstruction or to permit pipes, ducts, columns, etc. to pass through the grating.
Finish The coating, usually paint or galvanizing, which is applied to the grating.
Length The dimension of a grating panel measured parallel to the bearing bars.
serrated Grating Grating which has the top surfaces of the bearing bars or cross bars, or both, notched.
Span of Grating The distance between points of grating support, or the direction of this dimension.
Straight Cut That portion of the cut edge or cutout of a grating which follows a straight line.
Kick Plate A flat bar attached flat against the out edge of a grating and projecting above the top surface of grating to form a lip or curb.
Width The overall dimension of grating panel, measured perpendicular to the bearing bars.